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Delacquering Drum Furnaces


Delacquering is a crucial step toward creating a closed-loop aluminum recycling process. Aluminum scrap contains organic (cutting oils, paint) and inorganic (lacquer) compounds. Before the melting process, these compounds must be removed from the surface of the scrap. Otherwise, they are burned in an uncontrolled process when they are fed into the furnace. Combustion at high temperature and high content of oxygen with the presence of organic compounds leads to oxidization, drastically reducing product yield during recycling. Furthermore, combustion causes smoke formation which violates workplace safety and emission regulations.

At the industrial scale, two main solutions are widely used for aluminum recycling: multi-chamber furnaces and delacquering drum furnaces. While multi-chamber furnaces do not eliminate the presence of inorganic compounds on the surface, delacquering drum furnaces are capable of removing both organic and inorganic compounds. 

Delacquering drum furnaces are increasingly becoming more popular among secondary producers for the benefits they bring in terms of increasing metal yield.

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 Sistem Teknik has developed delacquering drum furnaces as a part of the Retrofeed project funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 platform. The design was the result of two years of hard work and international academic partnership and the end product was commissioned at the demo-site of ASAŞ Aluminium. 

Preheating Ovens

The preheating chamber is a great means of heat recuperation and an important safety measure in aluminum melting facilities. Using the exhaust gases released from the melting and holding furnaces exclusively, preheating chambers require no additional combustion system. As it allows the material to enter the melting process in a heated state, the preheating chamber reduces the total energy consumption of aluminum foundries by 25-200 kWh/mt (The energy efficiency provided varies according to the combustor technology available in the facility).


Chip Drying Furnaces


The chips are first cleaned from the oily substance they contain. They are put into the vortex system in the aftermath of the cleaning and drying processes.


The waste heat of the melting furnace is recovered by the chip drying furnace process.


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