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SQRTM (Same Qualified Resin Transfer Molding) is a closed molding method that produces perfect net-shape, highly modular aerospace components by integrating prepreg processing and liquid molding. Without using an autoclave, SQRTM can create parts of autoclave quality.

Considering all advantages of this method, the SQRTM method is one of the most suitable and favored for manufacturing structural elements in the aerospace industry. This is why Sistem Teknik R&D Center has started developing its own SQRTM solution in 2021 and won an award from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. The project will be finalized by the end of 2023.

Moreover, the quality of the final product and mechanical performance is enhanced by the injected resin, which provides hydrostatic pressure in the composite laminate and prevents the formation of void contents. In addition, compared to autoclave curing, the SQRTM method's curing requires about two hours of reduced time. 

Compared to the autoclave process, it provides a number of benefits. Large and complicated components may be produced with final shapes at a reduced cost with the assistance of SQRTM. On the other hand, this method differs from RTM due to allows prepreg usage for the production of composite materials. For this reason, it is possible to use highly qualified toughened materials such as tough resins and toughened agents. 

Carbon Fiber Composite Autoclaves


Curing Ovens

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Sistem Teknik specializes in the production of autoclaves for curing fiber and reinforced honeycomb matrix composite materials. We guarantee 21 bar and 450 °C operating values for the production of thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials because we have built some of the world’s largest autoclaves. P 355GH high-temperature carbon steel is used in autoclave bodies that are designed in accordance with the AD 2000 Code standard.

We can monitor the liquid, gel, and hardening phases of the resin in real time for both composite autoclaves and curing ovens when we use the Curing Performance Monitoring System. 1.5 °C temperature tolerance can be easily provided during operation with the patented semi-axial fan design we developed for autoclaves.

Sistem Teknik delivers some of Europe's largest autoclaves which have become critical for the civil and military aviation and space sectors, as they are used in the production of the BOEING 787, AIRBUS A350, AIRBUS A330, JSF F35, SIKORSKY S-76, MH-60, BOMBARDIER, AGUSTA AW139, as well as domestic jet aircraft and satellite production at the Turkish Aviation Industry.

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Composite Curing Ovens

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In accordance with specific customer requirements, Sistem Teknik develops composite curing technologies using the most advanced designs and analysis tools. Our extensive knowledge of composite systems enables us to meet the critical quality and durability requirements of the aerospace and defense industries. Our composite curing ovens (CCOs) meet AMS standards as well as those set by our customers.

Thermal curing processes for thermoset and thermoplastic materials can be performed economically in CCOs. Temperature uniformity is enhanced by multi-section vertical airflow systems. The part-based multi-point temperature measurement system controls and regulates the temperature of each part using a cutting-edge mathematical model-based control system.

The intricate quality reporting system monitors every detail of production and prevents any misalignment of quality requirements. Batch and recipe management systems, along with an integrated data redundancy system, are also intended to control every aspect of the curing process.

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