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Sistem Teknik is one of the largest suppliers of furnace technology around the world. 

With a dedication to innovation and sustainability, we deliver turnkey solutions that aim to revolutionize the aluminium industry.

About Us

Sistem Teknik was established in 1979 as a start-up company by two college friends from the Middle East Technical University, Orhan Obalı, and Mehmet Özdeşlik. With the initiatives of Orhan Obalı, ST has begun specializing in the design and production of heat treatment technology for light metals and composites in 2009 and worked ever since with a clear ambition: transforming the aluminium industry towards a greener future. His ambition has guided us to become one of the largest technology providers for the aluminum industry with over 1500 furnaces operating in 36 countries. 

At Sistem Teknik, we offer turnkey solutions from scrap pre-treatment to dross processing while granting the flexibility of in-house manufacturing. We automatize production lines for maximum performance and make sure that our products require minimum care. In a nutshell, we deliver simplicity. We design tailor-made products while offering a wide portfolio of equipment for melting, alloying, casting, homogenising, and heat treatment. In addition to design and commissioning, we provide after-sales services that prolong equipment lifetime. 


In 2020, we opened a new chapter in ST's history with a new plant in Bulgaria and expanded our production line beyond borders. Having started with the modest goal of producing 1 furnace per month, our operations in Bulgaria are getting stronger with the opening of our new factory in Plovdiv by the end of 2023. Adding to the strength of our team in Turkey, we now house 300 engineers and technicians with a production capacity that has doubled in the past 5 years. 


The next chapter is the opening of the ST Center of Innovation in Berlin which will increase our R&D capabilities and help us towards our goal of reducing the environmental impact of the aluminium industry. Ranging from fully automated dross skimmers and low NOx regenerative burners to IoT solutions, we have completed numerous R&D projects in the past 5 years. Having already developed new equipment for the recycling process with partners from the Horizon EU platform, Sistem Teknik R&D centre will continue to engineer the future of the aluminium industry.

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Sistem Teknik Turkey

İhtisas OSB Otomotiv Yan Sanayi 1. Cad, 14. Yol No: 3, 41420 TOSB Otomotiv /Çayırova/Kocaeli

Headquarters, R&D Center, Plant I

Sistem Teknik Bulgaria

Kapsida Industrial zone

Bavaria St Kuklen, 4101

Plant II, Design & Project Management Office

Sistem Teknik Germany

Jägerstraße 54, 10117, Berlin, Mitte, Berlin

Sales & Project Management Office

+90 262 658 22 26
+359 89 295 6561

Locations in




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