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Charging Cars


Although we have been producing charging cars for cast houses for the past two decades, our R&D center has significantly improved its design by adding many new features. These new charging cars require no human intervention as their weighing mechanism communicates with furnaces to plan casting cycles automatically. Furthermore innovative control systems, Sistem Teknik charging cars are extremely versatile when it comes to the motions they can carry on during the charging process.


Fully automated scrap charging cars also shorten the production cycles and reduce energy consumption in aluminum recycling processes. Since the scrap could be charged into the furnace without human intervention and the process safety could be achieved.

In addition to scrap charging cars, we design hood systems for charging cars to make the charging process safer and cleaner.  The heat inside the furnace with a hood system design as it prevents heat from cooling.

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Chip Feeding Systems


The chip feeding systems work in an integrated way with the chip drying furnaces. In the aftermath of the drying process, the dried chips are transferred in the vortex system with the assistance of the feeding system. The chips are transferred into the vortex system where they interact with the molten aluminium.

Automated Dross Skimming


Rendering human intervention completely unnecessary for the dross elimination process, Sistem Teknik designed skimmers to work with a fully automated control system to provide operational safety while minimizing the time for the furnace door to remain open and the damage to refractory material that results from the skimming process.


The dross is detected with high-temperature resistant cameras integrated into the robot and cleaned from the surface of the aluminum bath. Machine learning is provided by image processing. The industrial cameras ignore the negligible amount of dross during the image processing to gather the optimal dross level possible in one skimming cycle. 

 The dross is skimmed with a telescopic lever that maximizes maneuverability and prevents refractory damage by ensuring automatic arm pressure control. The telescopic arm lifting mechanism can adjust the arm height according to varying furnace heights while the height adjustable operator cabin allows for operation with furnaces of varying sizes.

The skimmer moves on a rail system while the skimming arm moves along the chassis it is mounted on.​

In accordance with customer preferences, the operation mode can be fully automated, semi-automated, or manual.​​



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