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Robotization of Aluminium Cast Houses

Updated: May 8, 2023

Aluminium is a strategic material for high-tech industries because of its lightness, flexibility, conductivity, and recyclability. As concerns about the future of our planet increase, the demand for secondary aluminium production is growing because it requires less energy compared to primary aluminium production.

However, the melting process of aluminium causes oxidation, resulting in dross formation that reduces the quality of aluminium alloys. To address this problem, Sistem Teknik has developed a fully automated dross skimming robot that uses high-temperature resistant cameras and machine learning to detect and clean dross from the surface of the aluminium bath. The robot operates on a rail system and is controlled by a PLC system, allowing it to work unmanned. Sistem Teknik has also developed electromagnetic stirrers that remove dross from inaccessible areas and ensure temperature homogeneity.

The fully automated dross removal process reduces the amount of time the furnace door remains open and eliminates the possibility of occupational accidents and refractory damage. This innovation has been proven to provide approximately 320 tons more annual production because it is faster than manual dross removal. The addition of other solutions such as electromagnetic stirrers further increases efficiency in aluminium cast houses by reducing melting time and metal loss.

Sistem Teknik_Skimmer; Robotization of Aluminium Cast Houses
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