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Fully Automated Electromagnetic Stirrers

Updated: May 8, 2023

As a result of long-term research, the R&D centre of Sistem Teknik has completed a project developed to make aluminium melting and holding furnaces environmentally friendlier and safer. The project ensures the homogeneity of both temperature and chemical composition with an electromagnetic stirrer.

The electromagnetic stirrer is located under the aluminum melting or holding furnaces, creating a magnetic field that stirs the liquid aluminum at the desired speed without using any gas mixture and without opening the furnace door. This greatly reduces dross formation, metal loss, and energy consumption, as well as reducing the error rate in experiments and analyses.

The advantages of the electromagnetic stirrer include stirring quality that is independent from human interaction, flow control, prolonging the refractory's service life, and a significant increase in the melting rate of the furnace. Measurements have revealed a 16% increase in melting rate and a 3% decrease in natural gas consumption. The electromagnetic stirrer enables more aluminum to be melted in less time with less resource consumption, while the stirring process reduces the rate of dross formation and metal loss. Using electromagnetic stirrers to optimize energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, shorten the melting period, and reduce metal loss due to dross formation is extremely beneficial and has become a necessity in the aluminum industry.

Sistem Teknik_Electromagnetic Stirrer Editorial Article
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