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Optimising Efficiency in Aluminium Recycling

Updated: May 8, 2023

The Retrofeed project, funded by the European Commission, aims to increase material and energy efficiency in energy-intensive industries. As part of the project, Sistem Teknik R&D center designed a delacquering drum furnace to remove organic and inorganic components from post-consumer aluminum scraps.

The furnace uses hot air to decoat the scrap surface, and the removed materials are burned with the heat generated from an afterburner to provide preheating and energy savings. The furnace also speeds up the melting process, increases metal yield, and allows post-consumer scraps to participate in the recycling process. Sistem Teknik's products developed for the project focus on lowering raw material costs, increasing the available raw materials, and improving energy efficiency to reduce primary aluminum consumption. The delacquering furnace developed by Sistem Teknik helps achieve significant energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.

Delacquering Drum Furnace AIJ March_April 2023 Issue
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