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Hydro's New Investment in Cassopolis, Michigan

Updated: May 8, 2023

Aluminium company Hydro has awarded Sistem Teknik (ST) a turnkey contract for the melting line in its recycling development project in Cassopolis, Michigan, USA!

The contract includes a melting furnace with a capacity of 50 metric tonnes, two holding furnaces with a capacity of 54 metric tonnes, a fully automated scrap charging car, an AI-aided dross skimming robot, and an acoustic chamber for prolonged equipment lifetime. Differing from typical melting furnaces with a single pair of burners, the ST Super-melter can melt at least 10 (in this project, 16) tonnes ofaluminium per hour. Hydro is currently building a new plant in Cassopolis with annual capacity of 120,000 metric tonnes of recycling-based aluminium billet. Hydro's decision to work with ST is based on its proven capability in reducing the environmental impact of aluminium recycling.

Sistem Teknik_Hydro's Cassopolis Investment Editorial Article
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