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Hydro's Latest Investment in Sundal, Norway

Updated: May 8, 2023

Hydro Aluminium AS, a Norwegian aluminium producer, has invested in a new tiltable type aluminium melting furnace with a molten metal capacity of 78 tons, to be installed at its Sunndal facility! Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces was selected as the project partner for the new furnace.

The new furnace has a unique circular, deep bottom design that allows for bidirectional tilting using hydraulic cylinders, simplifying slag removal and molten aluminium delivery. The furnace has a cold air burner that maintains the stability of molten aluminium, which reaches 720°C (1,328°F), and argon gas is pushed into the furnace through porous plugs located at the bottom while the molten aluminium is being stirred. The door sealing mechanism is environmentally friendly, and the furnace doors maintain maximum tightness, stabilize the furnace pressure, and reduce fuel consumption and cycle time. The project is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2023, and it represents a collaboration between Hydro Aluminium and Sistem Teknik to reduce energy consumption and improve material efficiency in aluminium production.

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